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Free shipping on orders over $75 with code: YAY2020
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About Us

Hello! Welcome to Peyton and Grace Co!

Peyton and Grace Co started in October of 2015 when founder, Amanda Vang was looking for a special necklace for her little girl, Grace. She wanted something that would pair nicely with traditional Hmong clothing for the annual Hmong New Year celebration, but also wanted the necklace to be versatile enough to wear with modern dresses. After searching her local shops around the Twin Cities area, she was very disappointed that there were little to no jewelry options for her little girl. Taking action into her own hands, she decided to create her own necklace and the Toddler Necklace was born! A year later, Amanda decided to start selling the Toddler Necklace on Etsy.  This necklace has been the most popular necklace from Amanda's creations. Amanda still hand makes all of the jewelry items sold on Peyton and Grace Co. making them unique and special. Thank you so much for all of your support in this journey so far!

A little more about the founder:

Amanda Vang resides in the Twin Cities with her husband Khoua Yang and their three children Peyton, Grace and Mia. She named her company after her children because they inspire her every single day to continue creating unique Hmong inspired jewelry, accessories and baby related items.