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August Update

What happened to August?

Well we are saying goodbye to long hot summer days and hello to FALL!! That was fast. Fall is actually my favorite season and I’m so ready for it. August flew by so fast so here is a little update on what’s been going on here at Peyton and Grace Co. (New products, HCON and house update).

New Products

If you don’t follow me on Instagram @peytonandgraceco you missed your chance to test out my new necklaces. Go and follow me now! Here is a sneak peek at what I have been working on. This is one of 3 different designs in the works. I love how dainty and simply beautiful these look. Launching soon!



My husband and I attended HCON (Hmongmentum Convention) and met so many inspiring people.  While we could only attend for half the day it was a great experience. Here is a little summary for you.

Mina Yang of Mina Productions

 Mina is a youtuber that creates humorous skits and videos about the Hmong culture/experience and some informative videos as well such as “How to get girls to chase you” and “Doing what scares you”. She talked about her experience on trying many different types of videos before figuring out what types of videos really resonated with her audience. She called this her experiments. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things, and fail BUT learn from those experiments. Failed experiments are not failures because you can still learn something from it.




Van Brookes

Growing up half Hmong, half Black Van learned how to grow some thick skin. He searched for a place to belong, but the other Hmong kids didn’t consider him Hmong because he was half Black and the Black kids didn’t consider him one of them because he was half Hmong. His Facebook page consists of short funny videos that reference the Hmong community, but he also talks about his experiences as a mixed man within the Hmong community. I think what he is doing is so important in understanding mixed people and their points of view. I applaud him for taking the steps to shift the Hmong communities’ view of multiracial people. Van was seriously so nice and humble.  


Calvin Yang of Dictumdose

Calvin is the man behind the Facebook page Dictumdose.  He translates Hmong proverbs into English so we younger folks can apply it to our daily lives. He talked about how he can still create meaningful content even as a busy dad and student using only his cell phone. No fancy equipment needed. It’s all about the value of the content you are creating. If you want to put content out there, think about these 3 things: Purpose, Content, Goal. You can watch his speech on his Facebook page to get more details. He was super funny. I highly recommend you go and watch it!


Neng Thao of NengNow


Neng is a travel blogger that makes 1 video a day! His videos are jam packed with information and are beautifully shot (which makes sense considering it takes him 10 hours to make 1 video!). My key takeaway from his speech was that “magic” does not exist. While it seems like “success” whatever that may be, is easy and magical its actually just a lot of hard work. Neng is exactly how he is in his videos – funny, smart and tells a good story.


Annie Lee & Choua Chang of Hmong Women Today

Annie and Choua are the founders of Hmong Women Today. “Hmong Women Today is a call for all women to come together, to lead passionate, inspiring and empowering lives so that they can influence positive change in the world.”  They talked about their goals for Hmong Women Today, why they started the organization and the importance of creating a community for your brand, organization or business.  They also co-hosted HCON. These ladies are doing great things for the Hmong community.


Jonathan Yang of Hmongmentum

Johnathan is the guy that put HCON together! Thank you Jonathan for putting on such a great event for the Hmong community.



Nancy and Pagnia Xiong

It was so amazing to meet this sister duo! Nancy is an educator, writer (blogger) and creative artist. I really enjoy reading her blogs and Instagram posts. Pagnia, well I think everyone knows who Pagnia is. She's an amazing singer and song writer and inspiration to us all to follow our dreams. They were both SUPER nice and down to earth. Fun fact - we are all from Eau Claire, WI! However since I'm a few years younger than Nancy and Pagnia I didn't really know them growing up. I also moved out of Eau Claire when I was 16 so it's great that we are now able to reconnect as adults. 

Nancy Instagram:

Nancy Website:

Pagnia Facebook:

Pagnia Instagram:

Pagnia Website:

Home Update

We have been busy with building our new home.  With 3 weeks to go this is the progress so far.


 I'm so excited for this beautiful kitchen! The appliances just got installed and it makes the kitchen look so put together. This actually makes me want to cook. 

This space will be our "great room" or living room. The carpets should be installed soon. My husband is super excited about those built in cabinets. 

This is the loft area. We will be putting another TV and sofas here for the kiddos. Maybe a desk/office space for me as well. 

This is our master bath shower. I'm in love! It turned out better than I imagined. 

Of course there were many other things that happened this month but those were the highlights. I hope you all are doing well. As always, stay awesome! - Amanda Vang


What are you thoughts on the new necklaces?

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